La Dauphine Chloe Pinot Noir – Fresh, Fruity, and Woodsy

Everyday Glass is dedicated to finding the best wines money can buy for under $15 – wines that you should be proud to serve to guests or enjoy with a simple 30-minute dinner recipe. We try every wine that we sell to make sure you get only the best. This blog is a collection of our favorites.

What the heart wants is what the heart wants – and sometimes we don’t want big, hearty red wines. Light, fresh, and fruity never gets old, especially as a break from overpowering and heavier styles.

La Dauphine Chloe Pinot Noir2013 La Dauphine Chloe Pinot Noir – Languedoc ($12.99) is a great choice in Pinot under $15. The high elevation vineyards and cool nights of Limoux in Languedoc are ideal for growing for Pinot Noir, making this characteristically French Pinot a reality for an amazingly low price. Aged in a mix of old French oak and stainless steel, the wine maintains old-world character with charming freshness. This Pinot displays beautiful red fruit flavors framed by an earthy underbelly – all in all a perfect choice for a glass of wine on its own, or worthy of pairing with a light winter dinner.

Drink this wine because:

– French Pinot Noir of this quality is usually much more expensive.
– Light and fruity wines are delicious and refreshing any time of year.
– You can enjoy this wine to its fullest with or without food.

Drink up and enjoy your daily glass!

Cheers, Bauer Wines

One response to “La Dauphine Chloe Pinot Noir – Fresh, Fruity, and Woodsy

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