La Maialina Gertrude Rosso Toscana – Bright Fruit and Italian Leather

Everyday Glass is dedicated to finding the best wines money can buy for under $15 – wines that you should be proud to serve to guests or enjoy with a simple 30-minute dinner recipe. We try every wine that we sell to make sure you get only the best. This blog is a collection of our favorites.

Here’s a foolproof winter survival plan: make a huge batch of a rich pasta sauce (the kind with lots of Italian sausage, garlic, and onions) and freeze it in serving portions. Stock up on Gertrude, our wine du jour. Enjoy quick weeknight pasta dinners all winter long with a deliciously juicy and leathery Tuscan red.

La Maialina GertrudeLa Maialina is a notable producer of Tuscan wines, and their range under $15 is really impressive. Gertrude has been a longtime bestseller at Bauer’s year after year, so if you haven’t tried it yet, have no fear. For an everyday red that is full of Italian character, it’s a total score.

2011 La Maialina Gertrude Rosso Toscana – Tuscany, Italy ($12.99) is unmistakably Tuscan with aromas of rich red fruits and hints of earthiness and leather. Flavors of sweet cherry are nicely balanced by earth and spice, with a smooth and dry finish. A perfect pairing for quick pasta with tomato sauce.

Drink this wine because:
– There’s an adorable pig on the label (that’s Gertrude, and her story is on the bottle).
– You get a big Super-Tuscan style red for under $15.
– It’s an easy pairing for that amazing pasta sauce you made and froze.

Drink up and enjoy your everyday glass!

Bauer Wines

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