Fortant Coast Select Chardonnay – French White Goes American!

Everyday Glass is dedicated to finding the best wines money can buy for under $15 – wines that you should be proud to serve to guests or enjoy with a simple 30-minute dinner recipe. We try every wine that we sell to make sure you get only the best. This blog is a collection of our favorites.

There’s no more classic white wine for winter than Chardonnay – it’s like ice skating on Frog Pond in the Common. So dutifully, we’ll tell you about one of our new favorites that could be a staple in your rotation during this season of unending coldness.

Fortant de France is a producer in Languedoc, a region in the South of France. They offer different levels of wines but mostly focus on Pays d’Oc, which is a category of non-appellation French wine that can range from “excellent value” to “unthinkably ghastly”. Fortunately, this Chardonnay passes muster in a big way (that’s why your trustworthy Bauer team tastes so many wines – to make sure it falls in the former category).

Fortant Coast Select Chardonnay2012 Fortant Coast Select Chardonnay – Pays d’Oc, France ($11.98, 2-for-$20) reminds us more of California than Burgundy, France’s famous home of this grape. Full and clean with fruitiness reminiscent of nectarines and tropical fruit, and the right amount of oak to give the wine a creamy texture without overdoing it. It finishes clean with lingering fruit flavors, and the whole thing is held together with nice acidity that makes you go back for another sip.

Drink this wine because:
– Pays d’Oc represents many excellent values in French wine.
– The lush creaminess and full texture of this wine stands up to winter chilliness.
– The tropical fruit notes in this wine will remind you of warmer places.

Drink up and enjoy your everyday glass!

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