Chateau Recougne Bordeaux Superieur – Smooth, Silky, and Rich

Everyday Glass is dedicated to finding the best wines money can buy for under $15 – wines that you should be proud to serve to guests or enjoy with a simple 30-minute dinner recipe. We try every wine that we sell to make sure you get only the best. This blog is a collection of our favorites.

Confessions of a young wine professional: I once was terrified of Bordeaux. It seemed expensive, old-fashioned, complicated, and too advanced for my unseasoned palate. I’m willing to bet that a lot of people feel this way.

Everything changed when I went to a Bordeaux seminar and actually tried some. I quickly saw the error of my ways, as I tried wine after wine that greatly appealed to me, most retailing for under $20. So don’t be afraid. Let’s get started.

2010 Chateau Recougne Bordeaux SuperieurA perfect entry point to the wines of Bordeaux is through Chateau Recougne’s Bordeaux Superieur. First of all, Bordeaux Superier is a classification for wines made with fruit from anywhere in Bordeaux, usually from old or special vines. This means a lower price for the consumer while the quality is maximized. Secondly, Chateau Recougne has been producing wine for over 400 years – and Robert Parker at one time called Recougne “the finest Bordeaux Superieur”. So in summary, entry-level Bordeaux made with choice grapes by a recognized producer. It’s a winning combination.

2010 Chateau Recougne Bordeaux Superieur – Bordeaux, France ($12.99) is 78% Merlot, 12% Cabernet Franc, and 10% Cabernet Sauvignon. The wine is full-bodied yet oh-so-smooth, showing rich and ripe flavors of black plum, black currant, and spicy oak with a finish of black fruit and mocha. It’s an approachable style of Bordeaux that drinks easy enough even to enjoy without food.

Drink this wine because:
– Freshness, ripe fruit, and tannin are all in balance.
– It shows the very best of Bordeaux under $15.
– You’ll see why Bordeaux isn’t so scary after all.

Drink up and enjoy your daily glass!

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