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Reflections on a Great Year of Drinking…

As 2011 comes to a close in just a few short hours, I can’t help but sit back, sip some bubbly and reflect on what an incredible year it has been.  From the ups and downs of a rocky economy, seeing freedom become a reality through the Arab Spring, watching an already toxic political environment grow worse in the US, witnessing natural disasters around the world to a royal wedding and the end of the Iraq war, we have seen our fair share awe inspiring and anger inciting events.  But we made it through and that is cause for celebration.

For Bauer we have had some wonderful events that included top winemakers and incredible chefs coming into our store to pour wine and cook for us.  Being part of events like the Taste of the Back Bay and the Newbury Street Gala were hardly work and more like fun!

Some highlights that stick out in my mind:

Randall Grahm joining us for a tasting and signing of his book “Been Doon So Long”

Howie and Randall

Cathy and Julia from Red, White Boston with Howie

A visit from award winning wine maker Nik Weiss from St. Urbans Hof in Mosel, Germany

Gris listening to Nik

Chef’s Series Tasting took off with a bang!

Rob and Sean from City Table at our first Chef's Series Tasting

Vibrant Rioja, Tapeo and Bauer working together for a huge Rioja and Tapas Tasting

Partnering up with some other important people also helped make 2011 memorable.  Kathy from The Fish & Bone gave me an eye opening experience when she had a dog food and beer tasting in her store.

Working with Andrew Cabot and Nelse Clark for launching Privateer Rum in Boston made me see that rum is not just for making fruity cocktails.  If it is made right, you only need a glass.  Now they have launched their Amber Rum and started their barrel program with us as well.  I can only hope that 2012 is just as prosperous and exciting for them as 2011.

2011 had some low lights as well for us.  But thankfully, those low lights were turned into highlights.

Bauer Alum, Nick Demjen, left us in the beginning of the summer for a great sales position at Origin Beverage.  Good news for us…Bauer is in his sales area so we still get to see him once a week!

Nick's "private" going away party in the back of Bauer. Cake and Champagne courtesy of Sue!

Nick's public going away party where he received the gift of a lifetime. Look closely and you will see that jersey is signed by the Stanley Cup winning team!

As much as we miss Nick, our new Beer Manager, Tom, has been up to the task and bringing in great brews for everyone!  He has been a great addition to the Bauer staff.

We can’t close 2011 without mentioning Gris.  Our little grey man lived in Bauer for 12 great years protecting the store and giving joy to all that came into contact with him.  Our hearts broke when he died in August and it did make walking into work a little tough with no one at the door to greet us.

Checking out what wines he likes

Our sweet boy sleeping with a toy

But something good came out losing Gris.  A little homeless kitten named Sofia came to live at Bauer and she has taken to the store life very well.  She loves all and is loved by all.  Well, except maybe the dogs that is.  For something so small, she sure knows how to intimidate even the toughest of canines.

Passed out under the tree in the French wines.

Christmas morning at Tom's house with her presents

From all of us to all of you, we wish you a very Happy New Year!  May it be filled with joy and may only good things come out of the sorrows.

Dog Food and Beer?

Yes,  I know it sounds crazy but on Tuesday I watched people have dog food and beer.  The Fish & Bone (217 Newbury St) hosted a tasting of The Honest Kitchen for both dogs and their humans.  Kathy Palmer, the owner, and her crew put out quite a spread for everyone.  From doggie beer and beer bones for the pooches to human beer, chicken sausage and chips for everyone else, Kathy made sure no one would go hungry.

This was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. Yes, I love dogs and I was excited to see them drinking their Bowser Beer and trying a new food.  So I offered to come down and talk about the beers that Kathy was offering her guests.  My job was to just tell people about the Avery’s IPA, Avery’s White Rascal, Smuttynose Old Brown Dog and Lagunitas New Dogtown American Pale Ale.  These four delicious beers I paired with the dog foods from The Honest Kitchen.   Little did I know that people would actually take me up on these pairings.  It isn’t as gross as it sounds.  The Honest Kitchen’s dog food is made from meat, vegetables and fruit only; there’s even a vegetarian choice.  They are gluten free and most of them contain no grain.  I would equate it to putting your dinner in the blender before you eat it.  Surprisingly,  there wasn’t a single taster, human or canine, that didn’t enjoy every bite.

Overall, the dogs and their humans had a great time.  I am thrilled that I could be a part of their event and promote some of Bauer’s beer.  The big hit of the hour was definitely Avery’s White Rascal.  A truly authentic Belgian style wheat or “white” ale, that is unfiltered (yup, that’s yeast on the bottom) and cleverly spiced with coriander and Curacao orange peel producing a refreshingly fruity thirst quencher.

Bowzer Beer

Kathy and Matt setting up

The Honest Kitchen

Cameron and his Grandma

Matt says "It's good"

Matt taste testing The Honest Kitchen

A taster named Tobo

Getting to know each other

Human Tasters

Making Friends

Morgan was more interested in the human beer and almost tall enough to reach it

Moose loved his taste!!!

Kathy and her pug, Zip