3 New Whiskies for October

While we might not have as much shelf-space as some of the bigger stores out there, the limited real estate come with a key advantage: you can trust that if it’s on our shelves, there’s good reason for it. We taste a lot of products and buy what we think are the best beverages for the price tag.

Our whiskey selection is no exception. We don’t have a stock room full of Pappy Van Winkle (if you find someone who does, let me know) but we make sure to keep some damn good stuff around for you. Here are three new ones for October that captured our hearts.

Noah's Mill BourbonNoah’s Mill Bourbon

This small batch bourbon is a near-barrel strength offering from Kentucky Bourbon Distillers (makers of Willet and more). At 114.3 proof, this whiskey is elegant and creamy with a long finish. Expect flavors and aromas of oak, molasses, rich caramel fudge, and peppermint. $49.99

Templeton RyeTempleton Rye

As we continue to enjoy this era of “rye-vival”, Templeton certainly stands with the top of the pack. Once Al Capone’s whiskey of choice, it is still distilled using the original recipe (although now, much more legally). A wonderfully balanced, dry rye whiskey with a chewy texture, look for aromas and flavors of Christmas spices, butterscotch, and caramel. $39.99

Hibiki 12 YearHibiki 12 Year Japanese Whisky

And now for something completely different… Japanese whiskies offer a familiar yet unique palate from their Scottish counterparts. The Hibiki 12 Year is packed with flavors of plum, raspberry, custard, and honey with a sweet finish that just keeps going and going. A whisky nothing short of exquisite. $64.99

All three of these come highly recommended, but there’s a lot more to choose from. Come visit the store or browse online at bauerwines.com. Whatever you’re drinking this evening, we hope you enjoy it!


One response to “3 New Whiskies for October

  1. We discovered this whole in Japan this summer. Love it!!

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