Boston Has Spirit: Distilleries in the Heart of Boston

It’s no secret that small, craft distilleries are on the rise. Lucky for us, we have two of the best at our doorstep in Boston: Bully Boy Distillers, owned and operated by brothers Will and Dave Willis; and GrandTen Distilling, headed up by Matthew Nuernberger and Spencer McMinn. Local, quality, and run by great people – these are products that we really stand behind.

Bully Boy Distilleries

White whiskey, vodka, and American straight whiskey from Bully Boy Distillers.

Bully Boy Distillers:

White Whiskey, $29.99: This is not your everyday whiskey. Instead of of oak and caramel, think vanilla and herbs. I learned from talking with Will that this whiskey was never destined for barrels – the recipe was formulated to make a clean, interesting whiskey without needing time in a barrel.

American Straight Whiskey, $37.99: On the other hand, this beauty is a more traditional whiskey aged on new American oak. Made with corn, rye, and malted barley, it shines with a dry spiciness imparted by the rye. 

Vodka, $29.99: This wheat-based vodka is silky and clean, with subtle sweetness. While clean, it has great depth with flavors and aromas of dried fruit and white pepper. Enjoy neat or mixed.

Grand Ten Distillery

Fire Puncher vodka, Wire Works gin, and Amandine barrel-aged almond liqueur.

GrandTen Distilling:

Fire Puncher Vodka, $26.99: Smooth and smokey, GrandTen adds whole local chipotle peppers to the final distillation run to bring out subtly sweet, spicy, chili flavors. Named after a guy who tried to put out a fire by punching it – how Boston is that?

Wire Works American Gin, $34.99: A departure from dry British gins, the Wire Works brings bright citrus, fruity, and piney flavors and aromas. Well-layered and balanced, to be enjoyed in dry gin cocktails or on the rocks.

Amandine Barrel-Aged Almond Liqueur, $29.99: Amadine is a classic liqueur – appropriately sweet with rich almond flavor. At 60 proof, it has plenty of body to stand alone, but truly shines in cocktails where amaretto is used.

Please stop by and try some of these great local products – they do not disappoint. Hope to see you soon!



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