Sofia Says…..Greywacke Sauvignon Blanc!

Hi everyone.  Since I have officially turned one year old this week, I thought I would write to you about a wine that has come under my little kitten nose that I love!

Kevin Judd and his best friend

Greywacke is the story of a wine named for a rock.  New Zealand’s Greywacke rock is the backbone of the mountain ranges in both the North and South islands and became the namesake for Kevin Judd’s own label.  Not long after arriving in Marlborough, New Zealand winemaker Kevin Judd (who is Australian by way of England) saw these stones everywhere and asked what the smooth river rock in Wairu Valley was, he was told “greywacke.”

Judd registered that name with the thought that someday he may use it on his own label and after 25 vintages at Cloudy Bay, he was ready to strike out on his own.  In his tenure at Cloudy Bay, Judd set the trends that we saw in New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc and he is continuing that with his label, Greywacke.  His wines always stand out  because they are so much more complex than the usual pack of Sauvignon Blancs we have tasted from the land of kiwis.

Judd having a barrel sample

My little nose detects aromas of pink grapefruit, guave, lime with hints of chalk dust and fresh sage.  My humans still insist that I can only sniff and not drink, so they tell me that the flavors match the aromas in a silky texture.  There is an exotic freshness that makes the Greywacke mouth-watering, zippy and intense with a long succulent finish.

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