Bauer’s Loyalty Program Launch

What does Bauer have that other stores don’t?  Well, there are many reasons to shop here but no there is one more.  We have started a loyalty program through that rewards our shoppers.

One thing we wanted to be sure of when starting a program such as this, is to not issue Bauer Cards that you had to present every time you came in.  Who needs it?  We all have wallets full of store loyalty cards that we never use.   A loyalty program for Bauer had to be easy: easy for us and, more importantly, easy for you.  No “checking in” on phone apps…because honestly, who remembers to check in consistently on apps like FourSquare?

So we met with several companies and all but one required us to either have a Bauer card issued and/or we had to add another piece of machinery to take up valuable real estate on our already crowded counter.  We had just about given up on the idea when Swipely came to meet with us.

With Swipely, you turn your own credit and debit cards into the loyalty card.  It is free to sign up and is extremely safe.  I know that signing up your credit or debit cards on an online site makes you a little leery.  We were too, not just for the privacy and security of our customers but Bauer as well.  So we did a little investigating with the person who helps us with our credit card terminal, Larry.  We found that your information is safe with Swipely.  They have passes numerous security audits and earned certification approval from Trustwave, Verisign, McAfee, TrustE and the Better Business Bureau.  They have heavily invested in the security of their company and your cards are “read-only” so no charges could ever be placed on them.  In short, we trust them because we looked into Swipely, asked an expert in credit card terminals (and their security) who, in turn, now wants to do some business with them.  That’s a pretty good testimonial in my book.

Other than security, what else does Swipely offer to its users?  It is now the chosen loyalty card for many of the merchants in the Back Bay.  When you come to Bauer for some wine, you swipe your card and earn points with us.  Then you remember that you need to pick up cat food so you stop at Audrey’s down the block, you swipe your card and earn points with that store.  It is that easy.  Besides Bauer and Audrey’s, you can earn points at many area restaurants such as Snappy Sushi and Forum as well as tanning salons, pubs like Daisy Buchanan’s, and dry cleaners.  Best part is, Swipely is always expanding and even places over the river in Cambridge are getting into business with them.

So here is our specific awards program through Swipely:

  • $5 off towards purchase after joining in your Swipely account
  • Earn Bauer points for every dollar spent in Bauer
  • Redeem points for cash back at Bauer Wine & Spirits
  • When you reach 400 points, you will receive $20 cash back through your Swipely account.

You can pick up an invite at Bauer on the counter…or just go to to sign up today!  It’s a great way to earn money at all your favorite Back Bay spots!!

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