A day in the life of a store cat

I know if I sit here and keep watch, he will come.

Reow….someone is heading down the stairs….It’s my morning human!  Time for food and love.

His metal sticks jingle in the door and I jump out of the window.  I run over, eagerly waiting for him to turn off that beeping box next to the door and feed me.   Front and center on the carpet, I won’t let him forget about me.

“Mew!”  I start to walk back to the rear of my home as he walks through the door. “Mew!”  Come on…it’s breakfast time.  My human walks with me talking to me but I’m not listening.  He can talk to me after I eat. When we get to the small room in the back, I jump onto the desk, up the tower of drawers and put my paw on the food bag.  “Yes, yes, princess, I’m coming,” he says to me as he grabs the bag and walks over to my food bowl.

He scoops some out and before it hits the bowl I have my face in there, snatching up the first few nuggets that drop.  Nom Nom Nom Nom.

My human sits down at the desk while I finish my breakfast and when I am done I need some love and attention from him.  I jump up, walk across the papers and plop myself in the middle.  My human sighs and knows he isn’t going to get anything done until I get my love.  Purrrrrrrrrrrrr……I reward him with a head-butt and a nibble of his hands.

I let him get his work done and follow him out to the front where I curl up on the desk.  My human continues to pat my head and I continue to give him purrs.


“Awww….she’s so cute!”  I feel someone’s hands start to make their way to my belly.  Well, actually it is only my back but for a stranger, they are way too close to my belly.  I hear a stern “No Sofia” as I curl my body around the stranger’s hand and CHOMP!  I didn’t do anything wrong; I don’t like my belly being touched.

What’s that crinkling noise?  I sit straight up and I see my human with one of my favorite toys.  It zips through the air and I jump off my perch after it.  I chase it from one end of my home to the other.  I hear people exclaim: “Look at that tail!” and “Was that a cat?”

I hear the door open and I see the lady is here.  She is always in the small room in the back and I like to nap on the chair next to her.  She picks me up and gives me some love.  I follow her back to the small room and get onto the desk.  I stomp on the flat, dark object that the lady always has under her hands.  That thing makes these clacky noises that I don’t like much so I am determined to destroy it.  They have one in the front too that I hate just as much.

I jump over to my chair to snooze with my toys.


That was a good nap and I am energized.  I think I will go out front, find my toy mouse and play.  Determined to kill the mouse, I flip it into the air and chew on it.  It’s a tiring job but it needs to be done.

My bed in the window is looking good.


“Hey you. See you tomorrow,” my morning human say as he gets ready to walk out the door.  I push my head into his hand and let him pet me.   I’m ready for my dinner but I think I will play a little first.  Where’s my ball?  Where’s the nice guy who plays with me? There he is!

The lady is going to the back room again.  Must be dinner time.  I hear her shake the food bag.  Yes!  I scamper back and shove my face into the bowl again.

All that hunting of the ball and eating dinner has made me tired.  Time to go to my new favorite spot under the lights and lay my head down in the right spot.


Stretch.  Now I am refreshed again.  Over to the counter I go and wait for the night people to play with me.  As I run around the lights start to dim.  Uh-oh.  My night humans are going to leave soon.  The metal sticks turn in the door again and my human walks to the back with a tray.  I run with him and lay down on the desk again while he tries to do work.  No.  I am not going to make it easy for you to leave me.  That pointed object that leaves marks on the paper is moving and looks like something I want to chew on.

He gets up a few minutes later, walks back to the front and takes out the metal sticks.  My night human makes noise on the beeping box again, says good night to me and walks out the door.  I run up and watch him turn the metal sticks and walk up the stairs.

Sigh.  It’s time to study my wine again and nap in the window some more.

I know if I sit here and keep watch, he will come.

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