The Passing of our Gris

It is with great sadness that we have to announce the passing of our beloved
friend, Gris, on Saturday, August 20th. He had some abdominal health issues he couldn’t overcome, and we thought it best to put him to rest.  Gris stayed strong for as long as he could but just couldn’t pull through this time.  He has been at  Bauer’s for over 12 years, and was a beloved member of our family. As Dr.  Torres said at the end, “he had a lot of love in his life.” He will be
missed by many and we will always remember the happiness he instilled in
people, especially young children. His spirit will be with us forever, and
yes, when we are ready, we will be getting another cat! So, raise a glass of Pinot Gris for Mr. Gris and we hope you all have animal relationships as meaningful as ours was with Gris.

We would like to especially thank the Back Bay Vet Clinic for taking such good care of Gris throughout his life.  You have been so good to us and, more importantly, to Gris.  We are proud to call you one of the family.

Here are some of our favorite photos of our Gris:

Gris visiting the office and keeping Corinne company while she works

Gris endorsing a wine

Handsome man

Checking out what wines he likes

3 responses to “The Passing of our Gris

  1. Gentle hugs to all of you who will miss this lovely boy. He was a great model for a recent City Paws column. I have a copy of that paper sitting by the door to bring to you.

    I’ll email a link for the photo.

  2. Sorry to hear about Gris. He was a handsome boy, and I loved to see him taking a nap in the window, or strolling around the store. Our sincere sympathies to all of you. Camille

  3. Page and Judith

    Gris was a being of great dignity and beauty. And a good friend we will miss.
    His life was full of interest and love- from Howie, John , everyone at Bauer and his many customer/admirers. We will never forget you.

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