A Cat’s Eye View

Hi everyone.  Many of you already know me but I am going to introduce myself anyway.  My name is Gris and I live here at Bauer Wine & Spirits.  I know it appears that I am always sleeping in the front window but I assure you that it’s because I have a different schedule.  I am resting up for when my shift starts. Just like everyone else that works here, I have a job to do but my work day begins when the door is locked and the lights go down.  As part of security, I roam around late night and check on the doors and windows.  Once I am assure they are properly secured,  I sit in my favorite spot; no one is getting in on my watch.  You may ask why would I care so much when there is an alarm system.   Well, my dedication for the last 12 years is because this is not only my job but it’s my home.  My people here take good care of me  so I, in turn, take good care of them.  While everyone is dear to me (mainly because they fill my food bowl when I demand it) I have to admit I have my favorites.   John and I have a special bond.  When I need some attention and he is working, you can be sure to see me following him around the store.  Howie is the other, of course, and I love it when he picks me up for a quick snuggle!

Since everyone else I work with gets the chance to talk to you, I have decided that from time to time I am going to write about what is going on in Bauer from my eyes.  It’s a whole other world down here only 1 foot off the floor and I think it is time I share it with you.  Feel free to pet me anytime.  Sometimes I am in a deep sleep and don’t hear you coming (working nights is exhausting), but I always love to have my head scratched.  I look forward to telling you how I see things around her!

Until next time…



Now you know why I love where my bed is

Those wine stacks look really tall from down here!

One response to “A Cat’s Eye View

  1. Gris, you are a rocking kitty! It’s always a pleasure to visit you!

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