Gris on the mend

Hi everyone! Now I know that having a cat in our store is something special but I never realized how special until Gris became ill on Saturday. Since then, we have had people everyday inquiring where Gris is because he is not in his usual spot soaking up the sun in our front window. So here is a quick rundown as to what happened to Newbury Street’s favorite working feline.

Gris developed bladder stones and had to be transported from the Back Bay Veterinary Clinic (BIG thanks to them) to Angell Memorial Animal Hospital in Jamaica Plain on Saturday. While his stones were serious, it hadn’t progressed enough to affect his kidneys.  That has to be because of Howie, one of Gris best buddies.  You know him as Howie Rubin, Bauer’s wine expert, but Gris also knows him as friend, feeder and ultimate hugger.  Thankfully Howie noticed there was something wrong early on Saturday and brought him immediately to BBVC, who in their expertise, diagnosed him immediately.

After a quick surgery at Angell to remove his stones, Gris was able to come home on Sunday but with some heavy pain medication.  I don’t know if you have spent any time at home post-surgery, but it is enough to make anyone out of sorts.  Gris decided that due to his drugs, discomfort and the need to use the litter box frequently it was best to move his bed to the back.  We are letting him decide when he is ready to return to the front window.  On an up note, Gris certainly doesn’t want to let his public down and does still come out to the sales floor to say hello.

All in all, thank you so much Back Bay neighbors for your concern about Gris and your support.  Especially, a huge thank you to both Back Bay Veterinary Clinic and Angell Memorial for their quick response.  You have no idea how much Bauer’s staff and clientele appreciates your taking such good care of our boy.  It won’t be long before you see that adorable gray face in the front again!!!  Trust me, Gris misses his fans as well!

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