Watermelon margaritas and Julia Child

I’ve made thousands of margarita’s in my life, but one particular batch stands out in my memory. I was living in Bay Village in a unit owned by a famous chef and on this one perfectly beautiful sunny day, I was put in charge of beverages for a small gathering on our roof deck. Warm weather, sunshine and a roof deck, my thoughts naturally turned to tequila and I made a healthy batch of my ultimate real margaritas. I found some ripe watermelons and I muddled them to a puree. Of course, it’s not a margarita without citrus so I added the juice from some lemons, limes and grapefruits. And no pre-made margarita mix-that is a sin in my world!

Up to the roof I went with my tray of margaritas and I was ready to imbibe. Before I could rest one foot fully onto the black top, I was informed that a special guest had joined us. I scanned the crowd, and honestly, it wasn’t hard to pick out our surprise guest. Statuesque with her usual animated manner, the legendary Julia Child had joined our party. I could only hope that she like margaritas!

As it turned out , I beguiled Julia with my watermelon margarita and she was not shy about having a few of them. In her trademark unapologetic way of speaking, she asked how I made them and I wrote down the not-so-specific recipe for her.

All in all, Julia Child was charming, endearing and a lover of margaritas. After some lively conversation, she asked me to evaluate the remains of her wine cellar, which to my regret, I never did. But what I can say is that that afternoon was the highlight of my margarita-making career. Most importantly, when I saw her again at a going away party for her, she fondly recalled my watermelon margarita. Julia was an extraordinary woman that was filled with graciousness and an incredible passion for anything delicious.

Howie’s Ultimate Real Margarita: Watermelon style!

Go ahead…make yourself a huge punchbowl of it and call your friends.

Muddle up a ripe watermelon into a thick puree

Juice lots Myers lemons, limes and grapefruit and add the juice to the puree

A Silver (Blanco) tequila. I would recommend Don Julio, Herradura, Patron. Anything that is 100% blue agave.

Patron Citronage or Cointreau

Squeeze in some lime, lemon and orange wedges and drop them into the punchbowl.

Have glasses and ice ready and you have got yourself a party!

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