Dinner in Rhone

Don’t get me wrong. I love my job. I love writing about beer, wine and spirits for a local wine shop but let’s face it, at the end of the day all I want is a glass of wine and a good meal. In fact, after staring at the racks all day, I crave it. So this weekend I brought home a 2008 Eric Texier Cotes du Rhones Brezeme and got right into the kitchen to craft a perfect meal to eat with this beautiful wine.

Syrah at its best is not a bruising alcoholic wine and this particular bottle from Eric Texier has a bouquet of spicy fruit with just a bit of earthiness and soft tannins. After letting it breathe for an hour, the ripe fruit came out and had a lovely weight and purity.

A wine like this needs a great meal to being out the flavors and a great meal needs a wine like this to enhance it. I took a look around the grocery store and said “Aha! Ribeyes.” I made my purchase and brought them home to prepare. It may seem like a lot of prep but in reality this simple meal takes very little time to prepare.

½ cup of barbeque sauce. I heartily recommend Dinosaur BBQ sauce if you can find it.
3 Tbsp of olive oil
3 Tbsp of Worcestershire sauce
2 Tbsp of steak sauce
1 Tbsp of red wine vinegar
1 Tbsp of soy sauce
2 tsp of steak seasoning
1 tsp hot pepper sauce
1 garlic clove, minced

This marinade is enough for four 8 oz pieces of ribeye steaks. Combine all these ingredients in a large zip-lock bag and add the steaks. Move the steaks around in the bag so the marinade coats them. Refrigerate for 4 hours (or overnight) to let the flavor really soak in. Once the four hours is up drain and discard the marinade and grill the steaks according to desired temperature.

With the steaks I served garlic-roasted potatoes and a mix of roasted parsnips, carrots and brussel sprouts that only had olive oil, a pinch of salt and fresh cracked pepper.

Every bite of this dinner was well worth the wait because the taste of Eric Texier Cotes du Rhones Brezeme and the ribeyes married together on my tastebuds in a way that can only be described as pure ecstasy.

2 responses to “Dinner in Rhone

  1. Sounds delicious! How late are you open? Can we have it for breakfast?

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