Maine Beer Company Peeper Ale

Finally, this wonderful beer from Portland has taken the drive down 95 and parked itself on the shelves here apeepert Bauer.  A couple of years ago a co-worker brought a bottle back from his vacation to Maine and  I was really impressed with this beer when we opened it up.  Then, last spring when I spent a weekend in Portland, the Peeper and it’s sister beer, Zoe, was on tap everywhere I went but when I went to seek it out at the local shops they were all sold out.  Definitely a good sign.  This American Pale Ale is brewed by two brothers in a rather small brewery but there is nothing small about the flavors in this beer.   It pours into the glass a nice golden color with a thick white head.  You get the nice orange-citrus, hoppy notes on the nose and the taste has a great bitter hop characteristic, balanced out by a sweet malty finish.  The carbonation in the Peeper is also spot on, which helps make this beer one of the most refreshing pale ales that I have tasted.  This beer is certainly worth a try and more than likely you will be back for more.  Check out their website to see what other good things they are doing for our planet.  Do what’s right.

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