Author Beer Signing!

This weekend, Newbury Street will be hosting it’s annual Holiday Stroll where all the shop’s offer special discounted items. Bauer Wine & Spirits will not only have free tastings and other special discounts but also a beer signing!

Bauer is one of the select stores picked to carry the “Case of the IPA” from Massachusetts based Just Beer company. On Saturday Dec. 18th from 4-6:30 pm, author Paul Goodchild will be in the store to sign bottles of “The Case of the IPA.”

Just Beer has launched a beer that features a serialized mystery told over 12 different labels of the brewery’s India Pale Ale. Each bottle will tell a chapter, and a case will have the full story! The author, Paul Goodchild along with brewer Harry Smith decided the story should be a mystery of zany brewers and their intrigues; sure to tickle the ribs and please the belly of any fan of craft beer. They suggest not to drink all 12 in one sitting (about 14 pints!) but instead instructs to “read responsibly.” The Case of the IPA is only sold in select stores and Bauer is excited have it!

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