Holiday Greetings!

As I’m about to enter my 30th year at Bauer Wines, I cant’t help but look at whats kept me at this job for so many years. Basically, it comes down to people… I enjoy the people I work with and buy from, but its the customers that keep me coming back year after year. I love sculpting young palates, making the perfect wine choices for your dinner parties, choosing the right gift for the right occassion, and talking about wine i feel passionate about. The wine business has changed drastically over these 30 years, but the basic premis remains the same: nurture relationships with people on both sides of the counter. So, as we approach the hectic holiday season, let me assure you that Bauer Wines will take care of your needs the way we’ve always done: with personal service and attention to detail. We’ve put some great new wines in these holiday samplers, with all your holiday entertaining needs in mind. So, we’re off to the races… make sure you make the time to hang out with the people you care about! Have a joyous holiday season and we’ll be there right along with you!


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